About Us

Company History 

Ray Medical Sdn Bhd is wholly Malaysian owned and incorporated Under the Malaysian Act 1965. We supply Medical Equipments Machines toward Digital Technologies like X-Ray, Carestream CR Plus and many more Medical Digital Equipment Machine to combine the upcoming ICT world.

 What We do 

Ray Medical Sdn Bhd provides consultancy services and solutions to all healthcare related needs such as design, planning, procurement and implementation for new hospitals, including restoration, renovation and expansion of existing hospitals in Malaysia and abroad.

A Summary of our Business Core

  • Imaging Sales and Services
  • Competency Training – Healthcare Industry.
  • Radiation Management System & Services
  • Project Management



To be a leader in providing standard Imaging Technology Services through asset of International Benchmarks accreditation, Innovation and Creativity including being the partner of choice by providing and building the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective products and services.


To promote and maintain the recognition of our company as vital component of the healthcare industry in the area of Imaging Services.


To strive to achieve the highest standard in terms of reliability and quality in our products

and services and to be recognized as a company of dedication, honesty, integrity and service.

Business goals & objectives

To promote and maintain the recognition of our company as vital component of the healthcare industry in the area of Imaging Services.

Business strategy

To direct our growth in the areas of Imaging Services where we display maximum strength

and ability; to gather people and facilities that tend to augment these areas; to continuously build on these area through education and knowledge assimilation.

Business concept

Primarily our background stems from exposure in medical related devices like X-Ray and its associated products and accessories. We are not new in this field but more of a veteran in our market


We started with basic X-Ray 30kW for general practitioners later computed radiography and now going direct radiography technology. Other products in this starting point were ECG, ULTRASOUND, ICU BEDS, OT Lights AND OT Tables. Project sales in terms of packages for turn-key projects we also cater for and have sufficient exposure.


Additionally, our services also include Imaging equipment Maintenance Services and Biomedical Engineering Maintenance Services which is designed to support our clients to achieve maximum results in relations to cost-effectiveness. Our remarkable expertise in Imaging Products and Biomedical Engineering has enabled us to provide our clients reliable operations and maintenance of high-tech hospital equipments.address