We started with basic X-Ray 30kW for general practitioners later computed
radiography and now going direct radiography technology. Other products in
this starting point were ECG, ULTRASOUND, ICU BEDS, OT Lights AND OT
Tables. Project sales in terms of packages for turn-key projects we also cater
for and have sufficient exposure.

We are specialised in X- Ray Equipments

Computer Radiography CR

Digital Radiography with Detector

X-Ray Film Protector

OT Lamp

OT Table

OT Pendant

Auto Hematology Analyzer

Chemistry Analyzer

– ICU Beds , Ward Beds, Strechers and other types of beds

ECG, Patient Monitor


Radiology Materials

Disposable items

Surgical Items

X-Ray Machines & DRMIS X-Ray/Ecoray
X-Ray Machines
CR - Computed RadiographeCarestreamUSA/Singapore
UltrasoundEmperor MedicalChina
Film Processor
JPI MedicalKorea
Fire CRJPI MedicalKorea
DR X-Rayi Ray MedicalKorea/China
Local BedsVictor SteelMalaysia
Hospital BedsHill RomUSA
Patient MonitorVitroChina
OT Light, OT Table & PendantMindrayChina

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